For Or Against Jesus

He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth. Luke 11:23 (KJV)

Jesus Christ of Nazareth made that profound statement in Luke 11:23. It is clear that no one can be on the fence in this world; it is either you are for Jesus or against Him. Either you are winning souls for him or you are turning souls away from him; there is no middle ground. Those who are in the world or those who are not born again are against Jesus Christ, no one can dispute it. However, those who are born again must asked themselves whether they are for or against Jesus. Christians who are not winning souls for Christ are against him and those who are winning souls for him are for Christ. This is the truth from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s point of view. Dear beloved, it is time for you to ask yourself this personal question, “Am I for Christ or against Him?” Share your comments here!

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