12 Scriptures Of Encouragement: Bible Verses

When you are feeling depressed and downtrodden, when the frustrations of daily life seem overwhelming, it may feel as if there is no way out of the dark times. When you find yourself in this frame of mind, it is helpful to know that God cares about the most minute details of your life. He has stated so throughout the verses of the Bible. Choosing a verse from one of the many scriptures of encouragement and letting it permeate your thoughts is sure to bring more positive feelings into your life.

God doesn’t promise that there will be no discouraging times. He does, however promise that He will be with us through every experience and every emotion. God sent us an example of how to handle discouragement in the form of His Son. Jesus spent much time in prayer, calling upon the support of the Father to encourage and direct His paths.

Other Bible examples abound. The great men and women of faith claimed the promises of God in over to overcome times of discouragement and sadness. We can be encouraged by their example and by meditating upon their stories.

encouragement scriptures from bible

Sometimes, it helps to spend time in these verses so that you can use them to encourage others when they are feeling sad or overwhelmed by the cares of life. Although they are struggling, you can share the verses which have personally helped you in the past. This will encourage them and will encourage you as well.

Beginning each day with an encouraging scripture helps the events of the day to seem less troublesome and overwhelming. Spend a few minutes reading the verse and absorbing its meaning. Think about how the particular verse might be applied to the day to come. If possible, commit it to memory. It will then be available to you throughout the day to call into your thoughts and uplift your emotions.

There is no need to dwell on the negative aspects of your life, when God has promised to many positive things to those who rely on the truth of His words. Our job is to spend time learning what He has to say  and believing His precious promises.

Scriptures for encouragement can be found here.

Scriptures Of Encouragement

Scriptures Of Encouragement

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