Pastor Dan Mohler On Dominion Of Man

Pastor Dan Mohler On Dominion Of Man. In this short part of the sermon Dan Mohler was reading from Genesis 1 where it talks about mans dominion on this earth. God didn’t create man to take dominion over other men. That is not who we are. We are to take dominion over every living creature in the air and on land and even in the sea. That is a powerful thing to know. The question then is, how do we walk in dominion? Listen to the whole series to learn how. I believe this is one of the fundamental things we believers are to grow in. Sickness has life therefore we are to take dominion over it. Cancer has life and it kills. We are to take dominion of it.  There is so much that the Spirit of God wants us to know about our identity that sometimes we miss out because it comes out so simple.

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