Pastor Dan Mohler On Why God Created Woman

Pastor Dan Mohler On Why God Created Woman. God brings us back into the Garden. Who is man? Man was made in His image. We know God as many things but in this context Dan Mohler was talking about God is love. So God puts Himself into man and puts him in the garden. He fills man with all that He is and God sees man walking and flowing in His identity. Then God said, its not good for man to be alone. Was it because Adam was lonely? No, that was not it. Love flows and love needs an outlet to multiply. Woman was not made to fill in that in man. God made the woman out of the fullness of man. If any woman is in a mans life then it should be out of his fullness and not out of his need. A womans created value to receive the pure covenant love through man just as Christ loved the church.

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