7 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Advertising is perhaps one of the most important aspects for a new business. With the struggling economy, many entrepreneurs are looking for cheap ways to market their businesses. Here are 7 low cost ways to promote your business.

Social networking
As most of the population spends a considerable amount of time on the internet, it makes sense to be where your prospective customers are. This is where social networking sites come in. The service is free and makes a big impact on people. If you haven’t signed up for LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest, then perhaps now is a good time to get started.

Word of mouth
Word of mouth is one of the cheapest solutions to advertise your business. If your budget is limited, this strategy can work wonders for your professional reputation. In order to maximize its effectiveness, you can show your brand, product, or service to your friends, family members, employees, and clients. They will pass on positive words to their acquaintances and attract lots more customers towards your business.

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Public Service
To gain respect and visibility in the community, public service is one excellent way to do this. Show your support in lots of local programs and charities, campaigns, art groups and educational classes. These places give you the opportunity to showcase your products or services to a wider audience. You will increase your exposure by taking part in public service sponsorships and campaigns.

Running contests
Giving out freebies and organizing contests will always be effective in attracting potential clients to your business and is one of 7 low cost ways to promote your business. Promotional items such as, pens, cups and mascots will make a big impact on your audience, without costing you much money. Contests are easy to organize and will effectively generate lots of interest.

Posting ads
Giving out your business cards to people in the supermarkets may not be very appealing nowadays, especially when there is the convenience of the internet. Post your ads online for free, highlighting your brand, products, or service.

Greeting messages
As most people have access to voicemail, you can take the opportunity to advertise your business by leaving a short message for them. However, the best way to do this is by using email addresses in order to familiarize potential customers with your brand. Don’t forget to keep them updated by announcing your special promotions or discounts on a weekly basis.

Conduct research surveys
Gather information by conducting research surveys. This is a great way to meet new people and get to know your potential clients, as well as one of the 7 low cost ways to promote your business. Try to come up with constructive questions that you can later use the results for the benefit of your business.

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