Top 6 Supplements For A Healthy Heart

As one of the key organs of the body, a healthy heart is crucial for a long and active life. It is true that good nutrition is necessary for overall health. Different supplements serve different functions. Here is a discussion of the top 6 supplements for a healthy heart.

Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine in small amounts. It is produced in plants that are stressed. It works by switching the biochemical paths of the body toward maintaining the health of tissues. When the supplement is taken, the health of the heart is protected and degenerative diseases are reduced, which extends life.

Top 6 Supplements For A Healthy Heart

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The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil reduce triglyceride levels and eliminate inflammation. Fish oil will lower the risk of clogged arteries and help to regulate irregular heartbeat. Because it lowers blood pressure levels, the risk of strokes is lessened. Fish oil slows aging in heart cells by protecting the length of telomeres, a key factor in the lifespan of cells.

The use of red yeast rice is effective in lowering levels of cholesterol. It also contains monounsaturated fatty acids, isoflavones, and sterols. These ingredients help to provide a layer of heart protection to your diet.

Another of the top 6 supplements for a healthy heart is niacin. Niacin enhances HDL because it causes the movement of triglycerides and cholesterol out of the body. It is useful to get rid of the bad cholesterol, but has a downside. It can have side effects such as diarrhea and flushing. It should only be taken under medical supervision.

Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10 is a biochemical that has been shown to boost energy. It is especially helpful to reduce breathlessness and other symptoms of congestive heart failure. The use of CoQ10 in combination with blood pressure medication may allow reduced dosages. It can reduce the risk of a second heart attack.

The benefits of a single aspirin daily are well known. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory substance which makes the blood thinner. Clotting is less likely, thus reducing the likelihood of heart attacks. Aspirin is recommended even in the midst of a heart attack. The recommended dosage is a single 80 mg baby aspirin daily.

Learning the top 6 supplements for a healthy heart, will allow you to live longer and enjoy life more. Combine these supplements with a program of eating right and getting the right type of exercise. The supplements that promote circulation and enhance health at the cellular level.

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