The Bible, particularly the King James Version, has been a part of Western quotations, literature and art for generations. Many quotations that are commonly used today can be found in the pages of Scripture. We may not even realize that we are quoting Biblical passages when we use these famous Bible verses. Using the language of the King James Bible enriches the speech of writers, orators, preachers and politicians.

Words from the Bible are found in classical musical pieces and in modern Christian rock music. Almost every denomination uses words from Scripture as the basis for congregational hymns and choruses.

Familiar Bible verses speak to every facet of life. They are about men and women, lions and sheep, kings and carpenters. They are found to describe love, marriage, work, children, parents and the way to relate to others.

The texts that are best known are often those which have been committed to memory as a child. Even as adults, there is a value to using renowned texts from the Scriptures as memory training tools. You can add new insight to one of these well-recognized verses by thinking about the environment in which it was spoken or written. Did the words come from a king or prophet? Were they referring to a particular situation or incident. Placing the words in context will improve your understanding and insight.

The most famous Bible verses are so familiar to believers and non-believers alike, that many do not realize that a familiar motto or phrase actually was first found in the pages of the Holy Bible. This is  a prayer: father I love your truth.


Father, I love your truth because in it I find life.

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