While the word Christmas doesn’t appear in the Bible, the story of the birth of Jesus is remembered each year at the Christmas season. There are many trigger words that are associated with “Christmas”. These include the virgin birth, the manger, the wise men and shepherds. The story is celebrated in musical pieces, some of which are nearly as well-known as the Bible verses.

Verses that bring the message of the birth of Jesus, the Son of God. It is the time of year that many people reflect on the message of the birth of Jesus. Emphasis on the gift of Jesus can be found in many verses within the Scriptures. If you are a person who likes to prepare and send Christmas cards, think about adding a Christmas text to make your message unique. Cards can be created using a computer and simple software, or by hand at home.

There are many themes that could be included in a personal Christmas message. You might want to reflect on how the coming of Jesus brought hope, peace, joy and love. By meditating on any of the nativity verses or upon the gift of salvation emphasis remains on the true meaning of Christmas, rather than on the commercialized version.

Picking out verses in the above themes and sharing them during the days in the holiday season can be a wonderful family tradition. By using only a verse or two each day, even small children are included in the celebration of the birth of a King.



Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are pure, I choose to think of these.

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