Thank You God For Your Anointing

Integrity has been defined as the quality of being honest and displaying moral principles. Some of the common synonyms are honesty, uprightness, honor, virtuous and decency. The Bible has much to say about honesty, spiritual integrity, and living a blameless life.

Integrity should be practiced in every area of life. Obviously in our relationship with others, honesty is the best approach. This holds true in personal interaction and in business dealings. An entrepreneur who practices a high level on integrity is respected by his customers and peers as well. A person who is deceitful in word or deed is not living up to the honest principles promoted in Scriptures.

The Scriptures discuss the importance of demonstrating integrity, equating it to righteousness. The Bible also describes how to develop integrity of character. Some of the traits associated with integrity include being trustworthy, blameless, pure, honest, honorable. Those believes who have a strong moral sense don’t have the desire to run off and do evil acts. This statement means that the strong moral sense begins in the minds. It is not a set of rules, but a gift from accepting the principles stated in the Bible verses on the subject.

God expects integrity in our dealings with others. He says so in many different ways. The last six of the Ten Commandments deal with how we are to behave toward those around us. Even our thoughts should be guarded in order to live with integrity. Meditating upon the verses found in the Bible will help to promote an attitude of honorable dealings

Thank you God for anointing us with Your Spirit

Thank you God for anointing us with Your Spirit

Thank you God for anointing us with Your Spirit

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