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How To Pray For A Wayward Child

Raising a child is an adventure filled with peaks of joy and valleys of challenge, especially when navigating the tumultuous waters of a wayward child’s choices. In moments when our children seem distant from the path we’ve hoped for them, it’s not just about clasping hands but about engaging hearts in prayer for transformation more than in mere compliance.

Here’s an assurance: Scripture mentions that the prayer of a righteous person can be powerful and effective (James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.). As you continue reading, discover how to unfold your pleas to heaven effectively. A journey through petition can ignite change even in the most unpredictable hearts.

Remember, there’s power in your persistence.

How to Pray for a Wayward Child

How to Pray for a Wayward Child

Key Takeaways

  • A wayward child is someone who has lost their path and might be making bad choices. This can be due to things like peer pressure, a tough home life, inner struggles, or mental health issues.
  • When you pray for your lost child, ask God for wisdom; ask Him to change the child’s heart from the inside out. Trust that Mary and other saints in heaven are listening, too.
  • Speak out God’s promises from the Bible about hope and a good future for your children. Hold onto these words when you’re scared or worried.
  • Pray with confidence and believe that God hears every prayer. Join others in praying because Jesus said it helps when two people agree on their request.
  • Keep trusting even if it takes time to see changes in your wayward child because prayer is powerful and can lead them back to the right path.

    Keep trusting even if it takes time to see changes in your wayward child because prayer is powerful and can lead them back to the right path.

    How to Pray for a Wayward Child

Understanding a Wayward Child

Understanding a wayward child goes beyond simply labeling their actions; it delves into the heart of what has led them astray. It could stem from silent cries for help or a tangled web of choices, so this chapter peels back layers to reveal not just definitions but heartfelt reasons behind wandering paths.


A wayward child is someone who has lost their path, especially in terms of faith and behavior. Think of the prodigal son—the kid who left home, made bad choices, but then came back. It’s a tough spot for any parent; you love your child, yet they seem to be walking away from all that is good and true (Luke 15:11-32). Some kids might get caught up in addictions or just start believing in things that go against the holy teachings. They’ve turned away from the light of Christ and need help finding their way back.

The Bible tells us about the prophets or men of God who didn’t follow God at first but found their way eventually. So when we talk about wayward children, we’re talking about those dear ones taking detours off God’s path.

Sure enough, it’s scary to see them wander, but there’s hope! Praying for these kids means asking Heavenly Father to pull them back with His love and wisdom. That same power that changed hearts in biblical times still works wonders today.

Possible causes

Understanding why a kid might stray can be tough. Sometimes, kids feel pushed by friends to do things they shouldn’t—that’s peer pressure for you. Other times, it might be because they don’t have good examples to follow or their home life is rocky. Maybe there’s shouting instead of talking, or maybe nobody’s really listening.

Kids also have their own battles inside them. If a child’s heart is hurting from something painful that happened or if they are dealing with mental health struggles, this could make them act out.

Sadly, some turn to drugs or other dangerous stuff in trying to cope with these feelings.

(Proverbs 22:6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.) advises that you have to train a child in the way they should go so that they don’t depart from it when they are older. Sometimes, life is not that simple because some paths twist and turn no matter how much love you pour into your kiddo’s upbringing. Praying does wonders, especially when nothing else seems to work!  So, keep those daily prayers coming for your son or daughter; be all wrapped up in faith and hope, knowing God’s got an eye on everything.

How to Pray for a Wayward Child

How to Pray for a Wayward Child


Praying does wonders, especially when nothing else seems to work! So, keep those daily prayers coming for your son or daughter; be all wrapped up in faith and hope, knowing God’s got an eye on everything.

How to Pray for a Wayward Child

How to Pray for a Wayward Child

Navigating the stormy seas of parenting a wayward child can be heart-wrenching, but there’s profound power tucked into whispered prayers beneath the angst. As we kneel down, regardless of the place as long as it is isolated from everybody, you can take the time to pray as your soul reaches for that holy connection and asks for miracles only Heaven can bring.

Ask for God’s guidance

Praying for a child who has lost their way can be tough, but hey, don’t go it alone. Ask Father God to show you the ropes. Picture this: You’re sitting down in your quiet time, and instead of just worrying about your kid, you say something like, “God, I need Your help big time with this one.” The Holy Spirit’s got wisdom that’s right on target for these bumpy rides.

The Bible teaches in James 1:5 that you can always ask God for wisdom if you feel you are lacking. So take that advice to heart! Whisper a prayer or shout it out loud—however you do it, talk to Jesus Christ.

It’s like dialing directly to heaven’s hotline for spiritual guidance. And remember how Hannah prayed for her son in the Good Book? She went all-in with faith, and look how well that turned out (1 Samuel 1)! Get specific in your prayers, too. 

Pray for heart change

Pray for your wayward child’s heart to change. Think about how Jesus reached out to even the toughest hearts, as in Luke 15:7, where it says there’s joy in heaven over one sinner who repents. So, picture this—your son or daughter coming back to you, leaving those addictions behind because their heart did a total flip. You’re not just asking for a small tweak here; it’s about seeking God’s hand to remake that young person from the inside out. 

Hearts full of anger can turn to love; greedy thoughts can transform into kindness. You’ve seen it before, right? Maybe your nephew was all lost in bad choices, and prayer changed him big time. So go on, ask with hope bubbling up inside. Look at Saint Augustine—he went from wild living straight into sainthood, thanks to his mom’s non-stop prayers. 

Declare God’s promises

Speak out the good things God says He will do for your kids. His Word is full of hope—for your son with addictions or any child wandering off track. The Bible tells us, “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Holding onto verses like this one can light up dark places when worry comes. You’ve got a powerful God in heaven Who is ready to assist you. Now feel that peace fill up your heart because God’s already moving—He’s listening and acting on those promises. With trust in these truths, it’s time to lift up your voice without fear.

Pray with confidence and trust

Believing in God’s word means you’ve got to trust Him completely. That’s what it’s like when you pray for your child who seems to have lost their way. You hold on to hope and keep faith that God hears every word.

How to Pray for a Wayward Child

How to Pray for a Wayward Child

After all, Jesus said in Matthew 18:19 NIV, “Again I say unto you, If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” So, go ahead and pray boldly! Picture the love of Christ wrapping around your child, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

It can be tough sometimes – really tough – but remember to hand over those worries to God. We talk about giving our troubles to God because we believe He’s in control. Saint Augustine once said about prayer that it’s not just asking for things; it’s also about getting ready to receive them with an open heart. Keep praying with a trust so strong that even if the waiting seems long, you know deep down there’s a plan at work for your child under God’s watchful eye.

Now, isn’t that something?


When we talk to God about a child who is lost, it’s like sending out a rescue call. We ask for wisdom and love to guide them back. Remember, we’re not alone in this; Jesus himself said, “Let the little children come to me.” So, hold on tight! Praying matters—it’s powerful stuff.

And hey, don’t forget you’ve got friends praying with you too!


1. Can praying to the saints help my wayward child?

You bet! Asking for the intercession of saints is one way of helping your wayward child come out of such troubles. It is always a good thing when two or more Christians pray toward a common goal. 

2. Does prayer really make a difference for my child?

Here’s the scoop: Even if it feels like you’re talking to the wall sometimes, keep those prayers going. You might not see the changes immediately, but one thing you must believe is that your prayer is certainly working. When you have faith that your child is turning back to Christ, it will surely work. The moment you express doubt, you negate the effects of the prayer.

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