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Faith is a powerful tool for the believe. Find faith scriptures for today.

How To Pray From Your Heart

To better explain praying from the heart, we will use an analogy. Suppose two cooks are working. The first cook is cooking or working out of obligation. He doesn’t love cooking; the main reason why he works as a cook is just for the money. Because of that, everything in his work seems to be …

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How To Keep A Prayer Journal

Not everything absent from the Bible is necessarily wrong. One of those things is having a prayer journal. While there is no specific verse in the Bible that teaches us that we should have a prayer journal, there are also no Bible verses that teach us that we should not. In other words, having a …

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A Disciple’s Prayer

Father in heaven, give me the grace to always fight for my prayer time with You and that I would not let the business of life affect my time with You. Help me to follow the example of Christ, Who always makes time to spend with You in solitude, and may I never let a day start without relying on You for everything. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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