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Dan Mohler On The Best Description Of The Gospel

Dan Mohler On The Best Description Of The Gospel. Anything that doesn’t build and edify your life isn’t God. We grow up thinking that the gospel reveals our sins and made us always think we are sinners. Now the gospel removes my sin and makes me a son/daughter. The gospel makes you accepted and you are justified. Righteousness has come and we walk in truth. We begin to love God because He first loved us. We wake up as sons. We don’t wake up to sin. We have a relationship with God. God is our Father and He is Fathering us. He anointed us for this moment. He chose us for this period. That is the gospel. The gospel removes the identity of sin off of me and clothes me in his righteousness. Your ability to sin does not make you a sinner, you are sin. Don’t run anywhere with a fig tree. That is over. Let us establish ourselves in truth and walk in our identity.