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I have some money post in this category. The love of money is deadly. Learn to be a good steward.

How to Pray out of Debt

Many studies indicate that tens of millions of Americans are actually in debt. It is a problem not just for the government to solve but also for every individual. The government may do everything it can to lower the prices of goods, bring down the rate of monthly mortgages, help lower interest rates, etc. But …

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How to Pray Online

If you compare present technology to yesterday’s, you can see there has been drastic advancement. These innovations in technology have improved health care, engineering, design, warfare, and every other sector. Of course, it has also revolutionized information technology. If before, people communicated through a pager, now they can send pictures, videos, and messages and do …

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How to Pray for Food

Our intellect, talents, abilities – everything we have – comes from one source: God. Everything comes from God because He is the One Who owns everything. That includes the finances, properties, and other possessions that we have. We have them all because of God’s grace and mercy in our lives. Even those who aren’t Christians …

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How to Pray for Understanding

When a person is good at something, others attribute that to a person’s natural abilities such as knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, talent, and even understanding. However, whatever prowess a person has, it is no credit to their capabilities. A person has that prowess only because of God’s mercy. In other words, if not for the mercy …

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