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Do you love to pray for your work? Here are a compilation for you.

How To Pray For Employment

Looking for a job or employment is challenging, especially if you have already applied for several job opportunities but haven’t as yet heard from those establishments or your applications got rejected. While there is indeed an element where we have to work hard to make ourselves the best candidate for the job by becoming competent, …

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A Prayer For Success At Work

Being successful at work is what every working person desires, whether they like their jobs or not. No one goes to work with the mindset or desire to fail because it is part of human nature to want to thrive, survive and excel in life. As Christians who are working secular jobs, we are not …

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A Lifeguard’s Prayer

Lifeguards aren’t just people on the beach or at the pool who do nothing but watch people. They have many skills and capabilities—more than is apparent. When there are emergencies on a beach or at a pool and anyone’s life is in danger, they are there to rescue those who need help. They also render …

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A Military Veteran’s Prayer

Each person has their own set of circumstances and specific prayers to pray. As a businessman, you may pray for investors, provision, success in your projects, being the salt and light in the corporate world, etc. The same goes for military veterans. They have their own distinct set of prayers that are unique to former …

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