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Do you love to pray for your family? Here are a collection of family prayers.

How to Pray over Your Home

Just as we Christians pray and intercede for everything – such as the world, our government, specific sectors of society, and many more – we should never forget to pray and intercede for our home. Just as we fight in prayer for other people, all the more we should fight in prayer for our family. …

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How to Pray at Home

While some people go to cafes, parks, and other places to pray and spend time with God, some still prefer to pray in the confines of their homes. There is nothing wrong with praying at home. It could even be more practical for some because you don’t spend anything when you are at home, compared …

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How To Pray For My Son

You’ll always pray for your son because you love him as a parent. You may do everything for your son’s well-being, but in the end, it is God Who looks after him. That is why – just as you do everything to keep your son safe, provide for the needs that he has, comfort him …

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