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Do you love to pray for your family? Here are a collection of family prayers.

How To Pray For My Son

You’ll always pray for your son because you love him as a parent. You may do everything for your son’s well-being, but in the end, it is God Who looks after him. That is why – just as you do everything to keep your son safe, provide for the needs that he has, comfort him …

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How To Pray For My Daughter

Parents pray for their daughters because they love them. The kind of love that most parents hold for their children is a sacrificial kind of love that always seeks the well-being of their daughters. Parents do everything they can to seek the well-being of their daughter. They may cook healthy foods to ensure their child’s …

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How To Pray As A Family

While corporate prayers in the church community are essential, praying together as a family is vital as well. It is important to note that prayer is just a part of family worship. That is why we pray to God—because we worship Him. God calls Christian families to worship Him. Worshiping God means reading the Scriptures, …

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A Faithful Husband Prayer

Father in heaven, remind me that as a woman, I am not the one who ought to pursue a man, but it is the man who should pursue a woman. Give me the grace to always rest in the truth that I am secured and loved in Christ. Whether men pursue me or not does change the identity in Christ that makes me Your daughter. Jesus is the only One Who makes me whole. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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