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How to pray for power and all power prayers are noted here

A Christian Soldiers Prayer

Suppose you are a Christian serving in the armed forces of your nation. In that case, it is God whom you depend on when it comes to everything, whether it is about your protection, well-being, or other aspects of your career as a soldier. A Christian soldier should always depend on God, whether he is …

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How To Pray For World Leaders

As Christians, we constantly pray for our governmental leaders. It is something that the Bible commands us to always pray and intercede for. However, we are not just limited to praying for our nation’s leaders. We can and should pray for world leaders as well. Praying for other world leaders makes a tremendous impact on …

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How To Pray For The Media

The term “media” refers to the many different means of mass communications used to communicate to a vast audience. In this modern age, some of the media that we commonly know are televisions, radios, newspapers, and the internet. All of these means of communicating are collectively known as “media”. Media is powerful; it not only …

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