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How To Pray For Israel And Jerusalem

Israel, whose capital city is Jerusalem, is also known as the Holy Land and has always had conflicts with its surrounding nations. While its safety from armed conflict with its neighbors is indeed something we should include in our prayers, there is something more important that we should pray for them. That is their salvation. Just as with any other Gentile nation, Israel needs Christ. 

Father in heaven, I pray for the safety of Israel and its people from armed attacks by neighboring countries and territories. We pray for peace and unity among the different ethnicities. Most of all, we pray for Christ to be proclaimed throughout Israel. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Why do we need to pray for Israel and Jerusalem?

Israel, most especially Jerusalem, has always been special for Christians. It is the place where Jesus came from, and some, if not most, of the significant events of the Bible took place there, so it holds a special place in the hearts of Christians. There is this desire to reach out to Israel because of its history. 

However, we must understand that Israel, being the Jewish nation, is just like any other nation. Yes, there is its history as recorded in the Bible, but God could have chosen any other nation if He had willed that. In other words, how we pray for Israel and how much we want to be the salt and light to it should also be the same as how we want Thailand, Japan, Iraq, Romania, and other nations to be brought to Christ. Israel also needs Christ. Being a Jew does not save a person; only the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ does.

Therefore, we pray for the nation of Israel and its capital, Jerusalem, where the seat of power is because just like any other nation, it needs Christ. In 1 Timothy 2:1, it is written that prayers and supplications must be made for all people. That includes the citizens of Israel and its government. We also pray for the nation of Israel to know Christ because, just as Paul said in Romans 10:1, we should desire anyone who is lost to know Christ and be saved. After all, life is found only in Christ.

What can we pray for Israel and Jerusalem?

The essential prayer that we can pray for Israel and Jerusalem concerns their salvation. As we know, salvation is the work of God. It is where God turns our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, as written in Ezekiel 36:26. That means that as we pray for the people of Israel to be saved, we pray that God will soften their hardened hearts. Of course, that would also entail Christians preaching the Gospel, which is another prayer point. We can pray that Christians shall proclaim Christ in the nation of Israel and that the people shall get to hear the Gospel.

The second prayer you can pray for Israel and Jerusalem is their well-being. As commonly known, Israel is always in conflict. Because of that, its people are constantly under attack from neighboring nations and territories. Much of this is due to territorial disputes and also hatred that stemmed from thousands of years ago. That goes to show that the peace and stability of the region is one of the things that we should pray for.

You can also pray for the safety of the people, for the government to always lead with wisdom and integrity, and many other points that address the general well-being of the nation of Israel.

Heavenly Father, we pray for Christ to be proclaimed in Israel. I pray that more and more people will hear about the Gospel. As the people listen to the Gospel, soften their hearts, Holy Spirit, that they may believe that Christ has been the promised Messiah and repent. I also pray for peace in the region and for the citizens of Israel to be safe amid the armed conflicts. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

How can we pray for Israel and Jerusalem?

We can pray for Israel and Jerusalem by praying for the two things mentioned above – their salvation and well-being – however, you pray about it in detail. For example, as you pray for the salvation of Israel and Jerusalem, you don’t just pray that Israel and Jerusalem will get to know Christ. You also pray for details on how that can happen, like having open doors for Christians to minister, more missionaries rising and answering the call to serve God in Israel, Christians in Israel being bold in preaching the Gospel, and many more opportunities. As you think of those details, you will now have something to pray for Israel and Jerusalem in line with praying for its people to be saved.

The same applies when praying for the well-being of Israel and Jerusalem. What specific well-being of Israel are you trying to address in your prayer? Is it peace between Israel and its surrounding nations? Is it for government to always be excellent in taking care of its citizens? Is it for Israel’s economy to grow so that its people can live better? As you think about those things, you will come up with details that you can pray for the well-being of Israel and Jerusalem.

Heavenly Father, I pray that Israel and Jerusalem, where the ministry of Christ began, will get to know Christ Himself and believe in His finished work. I pray for open doors for our missionaries to preach the Gospel to key people. I also pray for Christians in different sectors of society to be the salt and light wherever they are. I pray for the safety of Israel and its people from the rocket attacks by Gaza militants. Protect the soldiers as they try to protect Israel. But most of all, I pray for a peaceful resolution to the long-time dispute between Israel and its conflicting neighbors. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

God has promised Israel a Messiah Who will save them. Sadly, during the time of Jesus, the Israelites missed out on what God meant and expected a king who would free them from the Roman empire. The King that came was One Whose kingdom is not of this earth. That King is Christ, and anyone who believes and follows Him will be saved from the worst problem of all—sin and eternal death.