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Chris Tomlin Songs

The words and music of Chris Tomlin songs are loved by fans particularly those who love contemporary Christian music. The American artist, songwriter and worship leader is based in Texas and is credited with almost thirty million records. One of his earliest songs was titled “We Fall Down”. It brought him world-wide exposure as a Christian songwriter.

Like many, if not most, of his subsequent songs, “We Fall Down” from 1997 is a song of worship to God. The lyrics of the song describe the act of worship of God and Jesus as we recognize the fact of our salvation. The words of Revelation 4 capture the scene in the throne room of Heaven where all of creation praise God for His goodness and mercy toward us.

Other Chris Tomlin songs have similar themes. Throughout his career, he has always used his talents and abilities to praise God and reflect on the need to worship Him. In song after song, he expresses his awe and worship of God’s majesty.

With the Easter season coming upon us, some of the songs written by Chris Tomlin, sometimes in collaboration with others, are particularly appropriate. “I Will Rise” by Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Louie Giglio and Matt Maher is a great example of a special piece for Easter. “Jesus Messiah” is another song for this season and contains words that speak of the great gift which God has given to sinful human beings.

As a musical stylist, Tomlin tends to present complex melodies and free form rhythms. He uses repetition of the words in the chorus in many instances in order to emphasize the point he is making. His melodies are not accompanied by a heavy rock beat, but are instead floating and powerful due to the range. Even without the musical score, the words of Chris Tomlin songs are meaningful. They can be used for prayerful reflection on the majesty and love of God, as well as our praise of God’s gifts and character. Allow your mind to think of the word pictures that are painted, or if you are musically inclined, sing along with the music found in various online outlets.

Chris Tomlin Songs

Lord I need you

At the Cross

How great is our God

We fall down