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Bible Verses About Injustices Of Men

We can find many Bible verses about the injustices of men, and it is advantageous for Christians to know what they are and how to combat them. We all know that God is just and that He is the Lord who loves justice (Isaiah 30:18; 61:8). It is also clear that God will not pervert justice (Job 34:12). All of His ways are just and in Him, meaning that there is no injustice (Deuteronomy 32:4). The truth is, justice is the foundation beneath God’s throne (Psalm 89:14). He does not approve any partiality or unjust legal system; dishonest scales do not please Him (Proverbs 20:23). However, man is not God, and all of us perpetuate injustice at some point. 

 The Book of James gives us some idea about God’s heart towards the injustices of men. He is not pleased with the injustices that happen to His children or to the world. In James 2, we read a discussion about partiality and injustice. James talks about a group of Christian believers who have been judging others in their gatherings according to their social status. Naturally, the hearts of men are filled with partiality and injustice. God has set a standard when it comes to justice, but all of us fail or miss the mark. Our unjustness is caused by the fall, so we do a lot of incongruent acts. We all stumble in many ways (James 3:2). We create our own standards, and whoever does not abide by our standards is judged unfairly. People start hating each other because of this self-made justice. The injustices of men can lead to cruelty and death. 

Christians should act like Christ. Although it’s impossible for us to be perfectly just like Jesus, we must believe in what God has commanded. God hates injustice, so we should also learn to hate injustice. The only way for us to escape the injustice of men is by accepting God’s righteousness in Christ (1 John 1:5-9). The world may judge us unfairly, but as children of God, we must trust the just King. It is God who justifies the ungodly (Romans 4:5). Becoming like Christ means becoming merciful towards each other. By showing mercy and compassion towards other people, we actively combat injustice around us (Micah 6:8; James 1:27).

One of the good pieces of news that Christ has brought is that there will be a day when injustice will be banished forever. The time will come when “His government and its peace will never end. He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David for all eternity. The passionate commitment of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen” (Isaiah 9:7 NLT). Whenever we face injustices in this life, let us remember the promises of the Lord. There are many saints before us who have suffered from injustice, yet they did not waver and are now enjoying God’s great promises.

If God said that we are just in Jesus Christ, then we are just indeed. Christians should become people who practice and love justice. We need to treat everyone with respect, and we must know how to keep our promises. The Church of Christ must have a powerful vision of justice that is deeply grounded in the Word of God. Christians’ vision of justice challenges the world’s trends of injustice, violence, and oppression. The only way to cure injustice in this world is by sharing the Gospel of Christ. Evangelism reduces the injustices of men since it renews the hearts and minds of men. We are freeing people from spiritual slavery and worldly injustices when we share the good news of Christ. Sharing Jesus Christ with other people might lead to your unfair imprisonment or death, but what is a Christian if they are not at war with the injustices of men? Ponder these Bible verses about the injustices of men and learn how to give hope to others.