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How to Ask People to Pray for You

When you read the Bible, especially the New Testament, during the time of the early church, you will see that every believer lived with other believers as a spiritual family. In fact, after relying on God first, they relied on each other and supported one another. They encouraged one another, supplied each other’s needs, prayed …

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How to Pray Online

If you compare present technology to yesterday’s, you can see there has been drastic advancement. These innovations in technology have improved health care, engineering, design, warfare, and every other sector. Of course, it has also revolutionized information technology. If before, people communicated through a pager, now they can send pictures, videos, and messages and do …

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How to Pray over Your Home

Just as we Christians pray and intercede for everything – such as the world, our government, specific sectors of society, and many more – we should never forget to pray and intercede for our home. Just as we fight in prayer for other people, all the more we should fight in prayer for our family. …

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