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Child’s Prayer for Healing a Sick Family Member

Teaching our children how to pray from an early age is beneficial and crucial in their faith walk as they grow up. While they are young, this sets up a path to righteousness and a godly life for them to walk into as they grow older. They will not forget that part of their childhood memories and they will be  thankful for it someday. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

For instance, you can teach your children how to pray when a family member is sick. At a young age, it can be a great blessing to behave according to their identity and authority as a child of God. 

You can teach them the way Jesus did it: 

In Jesus’ name, be healed!

I command the sickness to leave my mom/dad/sister/brother, in Jesus’ name!

The Gospel is clear that childlike faith is very powerful. Teaching children who they are in Christ can be powerful when they apply those Gospel principles in their prayer. When kids understand the reality that they have a spiritual enemy who has already been defeated, made powerless by the blood of Jesus Christ, and trembles at the name of Jesus, nothing can stop their faith from rising.

You can teach your children that sickness is not God’s will and that it is the will of the Father to heal people through Christ Jesus. You can tell them stories from the Gospel, how Jesus made the blind to see, the lame to walk, the mute to talk and the deaf to hear. They can then thank God for healing when a family member is sick. Here is an example:

Dear God, thank you for healing my mom/dad/brother/sister. It is Your plan to make them whole and healthy. Thank You for this promise, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayers can shape the way they view God and how they will someday walk in the race of faith. Let your children know that God in Christ Jesus works to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, and set the captives free.

How can children pray for health?

Children should learn how important health is at a very young age. It sets them up for a disciplined and healthy lifestyle for which they will someday be thankful. Teaching them how to pray for health is a good way to introduce them to the idea that it is the will of GOD for all His children to be healthy and whole and that sicknesses of any kind do not come from Him. That way, when a family member is sick, they will know how to pray.

Here are some ways you can teach your children about God’s will for health, along with simple prayers for them to pray for health:

  1. Teach children to speak words of life upon their health. Proverbs 18:21 says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. You can begin by telling your children that their words are powerful when they speak words of hope, life, and good health during prayer.

Then you can let them pray in this manner:

Dear Jesus, thank You for making me healthy and whole. You protect my bones and every part of my body as I eat healthy food. I discipline and train my body in a way that honors You, and may it please You LORD. Amen.

  1. You can let your children pray for a specific part of their body that needs healing or their family members—for instance, stomachaches! You can teach them to lay their hand on the belly and command the pain to get out, in the name of Jesus, because the Bible says they have such power and authority through Jesus Christ. Here is a prayer:

In Jesus’ name, I command this stomachache to leave my mom/dad/sister/brother’s body right now!

  1. You can also teach your children to pray the Word of God over the health and healing of their family. Here is an example: 3 John 1:2 says that God’s will for His children is to prosper in both soul and health. They can pray in this manner:

Thank You, God, because You want me and my family to be healthy in our body, just as we are in our soul. You care about not only our feelings, thoughts, and our hearts, but also our bodies. I give to You myself and my family, and we are Yours, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

You want children to know that God’s will is for them to have good health, along with health for their families and friends. Prayers are the best way to teach and shape a child’s ideas and perspective about God—our great Heavenly Father in Christ Jesus.

What is a good children’s prayer?

A good children’s prayer is rooted in the word of God. When you teach children at a very early age about the word of God, it can grow like a seed in their life to someday produce everlasting fruit that powerfully impacts their generation.

You can begin by reading them a Scripture and making it into a prayer each day in the morning and before bedtime. You can start with the words and teachings of Jesus Christ, converting them into a child-friendly language and then making it into a prayer; you can use any part of the Bible where the Holy Spirit leads you to pray. For instance, 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” You can teach your child to pray in this manner:

Dear God, thank You for being good and kind to me and my family. I pray that in all things that I do, whether I eat, drink, or anything else, it will please You and honor You because I love You, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

In this way, your child learns through prayer that they are to glorify God in everything they do.

Moreover, a good children’s prayer allows them to talk to God like He is their closest friend. Friendship with God is one of the best foundations that you can give  a child, as having a relationship with God causes you to get to know Him and experience His Word manifesting, rather than solely existing in prayer.

May the Lord bless you and guide you in raising up your children in a way that brings glory to God through Christ Jesus.