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A Military Veteran’s Prayer

Each person has their own set of circumstances and specific prayers to pray. As a businessman, you may pray for investors, provision, success in your projects, being the salt and light in the corporate world, etc. The same goes for military veterans. They have their own distinct set of prayers that are unique to former servicemen who once served the United States and to whom we owe our freedom.

Father in heaven, I thank You because, in Your presence, military veterans do not have to be strong the way they were expected to be in the military. In Your presence, they can be vulnerable and pour out their hearts to You. Thank You because in Christ, Your ears are near to them, and Your hand reaches out to them. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

What can military veterans pray for?

There are many things that a military veteran can pray for, including things that every Christian prays for, such as safety and protection, provision, etc. However, this section will focus on four prayer points specific to military veterans. These prayer points could still be similar to what all Christians pray for, but they are tailored more toward military veterans.

The first prayer point that military veterans can pray for is their purpose and meaning in life. All these veterans enlisted with a sense of meaning and purpose—to serve their country and protect their loved ones. They can go through grueling training because they have that sense of purpose and meaning. The same can be said not just for combatants but also for non-combatant military personnel.

A military veteran can always pray to find meaning and purpose not just in their service as military personnel but in Christ. Simple as it may sound, what defines you is who you are in Christ and not your military service, no matter how noble it may be. That is why, even if you are a military veteran who, for some reason, cannot engage in combat anymore or has become a person with a disability, you are not useless. You still have a meaning and purpose in Christ. Our ultimate purpose is to live for Christ and to glorify God.

In Galatians 2:20, Paul writes that he has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer he who lives but Christ in him. The life that he lived, he lived for Christ, Who loved him and died for him.

The second prayer that you can pray is for your transition. Transitioning from military life to civilian life may not be easy. Not only is the environment different, but the people you interact with will also be different. It will be a whole new experience, especially for someone who has been serving in the military for a long time. For veterans who have retired, perhaps retiring has been challenging because they didn’t get to do the things they had been used to doing. Nonetheless, a smooth transition from military to civilian life would be a good prayer. In Psalm 23:6, it is written that goodness and mercy shall always follow you, all the days of your life, including that season of transition.

The third prayer is one for provision. In some cases, military veterans end up being homeless, struggling financially, or finding it hard to get hired for a job for various reasons. Regardless of the problem, if you are a military veteran and you find yourself in such a situation, by all means, pray to God for provision. In Philippians 4:6-7, it is written that we can present our prayer requests to God. If our concern is the provision, we can simply talk to God about it, and His peace, which transcends all understanding, shall guard our hearts and minds.

The last prayer point that you can pray is for healing. Military veterans, especially those in combat, often leave the military with some health issues such as hearing and brain injuries, and some have even had amputations. If you are experiencing health issues due to your prior military service, by all means, treat them. But you can pray also and ask God for good health and healing. In 3 John 1:2, it is written that we can pray for things to be well with us, including our health.

How should military veterans pray?

You can pray by lifting your concerns to God. As mentioned before, Philippians 4:6-7 tells us to present our prayer requests to God. Also, in Hebrews 4:16 it is written that in Christ we can come before God’s throne of grace and ask Him for grace and mercy in times of need. That means we pray by telling God about our troubles and asking Him for help. Is it provision? A job opportunity? Is it being able to adjust to civilian life? Whatever concern that we have we are to present it to God. As we pray, we also remind ourselves of our identity in Christ and that in Him alone can purpose and meaning be found.

Father in heaven, as I enter civilian life, remind me that my meaning and purpose is not on the rank that I had in the military or the missions that I was on, but it is to glorify You and live my life for Christ. Ultimately, following Christ and proclaiming His name is my purpose. Help me transition and adjust from military to civilian life and provide me with a job where I can use my military skills and earn a decent income. I pray that I don’t have any unknown health issues due to my service. But, if I have any, I pray for healing upon my body. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

It is important to note that the prayers mentioned above are only for those military veterans who believed the Gospel, repented, and committed to following Christ. Such graces are available only to those who are reconciled to God through the blood of Christ. In other words, if you are a military veteran and haven’t heard of the Gospel yet, know what the Gospel is all about. Only in Christ can purpose and meaning be found. In Christ, you will have the grace and strength needed as you transition to civilian life. Christ is what makes life worth living.