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How to Be Consistent in Prayer

Consistency is vital in the race of faith. After all, you won’t finish the race if you are inconsistent in the things you do. Through consistency, persistence, and perseverance, you will be able to stay strong and cross the finish line. The same thing is true for your prayer life. Prayer is primary in a believer’s life. It is the oxygen that keeps our spirit breathing because prayer is our lifeline connection to God. Once the prayer stops, the heartbeat stops. The question is, how can we remain consistent in prayer with a life that is full of activities, pressures, and distractions? How do you stay connected to God in a consistent manner?

If you think that prayer is a responsibility, a part of your routine, or just another task on your to-do list, you must change the way you think about prayer. Prayer is not about what you do, but Who you are talking to, relating to, and communicating with. It’s about God and your connection to Him. Prayer is about your relationship with God. Think about your closest friend. Does your friendship work only in the places where you usually hang out? Do you talk to your friend only on Sundays at a specific time of day, but not on any other day of the week? Do you only talk about a particular topic every time, or can you talk about anything at all? It’s the same case with God and your prayer life.

You can talk to Him and pray to Him even as you perform your usual activities. You can pray about things that concern you, even as you go to the bank, do errands, or complete household chores. You can talk to Him while you take a shower, drive a car, anytime and anywhere… God is inside you. You are His dwelling. Consistency in prayer is all about your relationship with Him. The more you seek God first, the more you hunger for the things of God. And when you are hungry, you eat consistently and satisfactorily every time.

Clearly, one of the important keys to being consistent in your prayer life is to develop a deep relationship with God. Make an effort to build this divine relationship by attending fellowships and seminars about God, making time to read God’s Word every day, spending more time paying attention to godly posts, podcasts and music, rather than giving your energy to the usual things you do. By equipping yourself with the knowledge and revelation of who God is, you will begin to know Him more. Eventually, when He fills your mind, you will become more consistent in all you do with Him, for Him, and in Him. Prayer then becomes a lifestyle, not a choice.

 What does it mean to pray consistently?

To pray consistently is like getting up each day and eating breakfast. When it’s your break and time to eat your afternoon meal, you do this on a daily basis too. You typically don’t skip meals because it can impact your physical health. Prayer is the same thing, but it impacts your spiritual health. If you skip prayers often, you may let days, weeks, or months go by without talking to God; without taking time to read God’s Word, it will negatively affect your spiritual journey. The farther you go on a journey without prayer, the more the world’s systems will start to creep inside you once again.

It’s important to keep an eye on your spiritual walk with God, keep your spiritual hunger up, and spend more time with the things of God, rather than the things of the world. When you make this a habit, you will tend to seek the things of God, His Word, and eventually, He will become your priority. And when God is a priority in your life, prayer becomes a lifestyle, consistently and naturally. If you want to know more about the things you can pray for every day, you may want to check out these articles, “A Daily Prayer for Everydayand A Daily Prayer for Christians.”

 How do I stay consistent with God?

To stay consistent with God, you must make every effort to stay connected, burning, passionate, and deeply in love with the LORD. Think about falling in love with the most beautiful soul you’ve ever met and finally marrying that person. Falling in love and staying in love are two different things. The first one is easy, but the latter requires making every effort to keep the love fresh in your marriage for a lifetime. God isn’t all that different. How you relate to the one you’ve fallen in love with, making every effort to please, take care, and stay happy with your spouse are the very same things God desires from us in our relationship with Him. Of course, you can’t fall in love with Him if you don’t know much about Him or how much He truly cares for you, or the things He has done for you. You can only be consistent in your walk with God by truly knowing how much He loves you. “We love him because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). The more You spend time reading God’s Word, the more You’ll get to know Him. Love is what keeps consistency in place. You cannot be consistent in anything without love and passion.

If you want to stay consistent in your walk with God, think about His faithfulness, grace, and love for you. How many times has He saved you, made you happy, surprised you, lifted you up, or encouraged you, especially during times you felt unlovable, or unfaithful, when no one could understand you, or when you felt ugliest and most undeserving? Isn’t the LORD the only One who always stayed by Your side, never leaving or forsaking you? He remained faithful, even during the times you were unfaithful. He loved You and still loves you all the same. It’s about time that you give Him the love, full attention, and focus that He deserves. You know that nothing makes the LORD as happy as hearing you pray, worship, and allow your existence to touch His. It’s that beautiful and intimate relationship that will keep you consistent with God. Just love Him back!

How do I discipline myself for prayer?

It can be challenging to discipline yourself to pray, but it is a positive realization that will allow the Holy Spirit to work in you as you obey His prompting to be disciplined in your prayer life with God. To be disciplined, consistency is key, as discussed earlier. You must be consistent in your pursuit of God, of the things of God, and the Word of God, so that you continue to live a lifestyle of disciplined and consistent prayer. You can’t be consistent when you let distractions take your eyes off the LORD. When you become distracted easily by the things of the world, as well as the worries and problems in life, it can make you inconsistent in your relationship with God.

Here are some practical tips for you to remain disciplined in your prayer life with God:

  1. Spend time reading the Word of God. The Word of God is what will keep your mind and heart steady in Christ, regardless of what situations life may throw at you. When you have God’s Word of promises, you know that He is always faithful to fulfill His Word. You can remain secure and calm in Him at all times.
  2. Let go of anything that takes your eyes away from God. You need to make the choice to focus on God and fix your prayer time with Him. For instance, if you spend more time on social media as soon as you open your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you must intentionally choose to limit your use of gadgets to make time for God. There may also be moments of your free time where your friends suddenly invite you to go to the mall, take long phone calls, or bond with you; you must choose to sometimes say no in order to have more of God in your free time. It’s your call!
  3. Seek God above all other things. Join fellowships of burning and passionate believers of God, attend seminars about knowing the love of the Father, and so on. The more you seek Him, the more you get to know Him, and the more you get to know Him, the more you will find Him irresistible, worth pursuing, and deserving of all your love and attention.

Being consistent and disciplined in your walk with God and your prayer life is your choice. You must choose God, pursue Him and let nothing stop you from seeking Him. Ultimately, the time will come when you can’t go a day without praying to God and spending time with Him, as there’s no better place and no better day than being with Him.

Here is a short prayer for consistency in your prayer life with God:

Heavenly Father, thank You for nurturing me, guiding me, and patiently molding me into Christlikeness every day. I know that as I train and discipline myself to be consistent in my pursuit of Your presence and Your Word, my reward is getting to know You more and falling in love with You even more. You are worth pursuing because You are better than anything in this life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.