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A prayer team or ministry is one of the essential ministries of a church. They are often overlooked or even seen as less significant than other ministries, such as the music/worship ministry, ushering ministry, or technical ministry. Most of the time, their value is overlooked simply because their only job is to pray. However, that …

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Heavenly Father, You are our good Father Who gives good things to His children. I pray that whenever I find myself in times of need or difficulties, I will never try to solve my problems independently. But instead, I shall come before You in humility and ask You for what I need since I depend on You. Thank You because you are my good Father, and the only things that You give me are good gifts. Help me to trust Your will and wisdom as You answer my prayer. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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Almost every Christian basketball player will pray before and after their basketball practice or game. Most Christians think you only pray before or after a match, thanking and praising God, whether you won or lost, but you can also pray during your practice. What do you pray for in basketball practice? There are many things …

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